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Delivery, Returns & Exchanges

Conditions of cancellation, termination, return, exchange or refund of products purchased online

Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.
Damaged transport box

If the shipping box is damaged, please refuse the carrier's delivery. If you accept delivery and an item has been damaged in transit, JocelynLIPPE will not be able to refund or exchange the product.
Bad product

When you receive your package, we ask that you examine it carefully before opening the factory sealed product packaging. If any of the products do not match the one purchased or indicated on the invoice, we will be happy to exchange or refund the items you purchased online within fifteen (15) days of receiving your order.DOA ("Dead On Arrival")

If the product does not work correctly on arrival (DOA: "Dead On Arrival"), please contact JocelynLIPPE technical support quickly (within fifteen (15) working days) for a diagnosis or to request a return of merchandise.
Minimum configurations

It is strongly recommended that you make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements BEFORE making your purchase. When possible, this transactional site will include the minimum required configurations in the product description sheet, but we still recommend that you consult the manufacturer's website. JocelynLIPPE will not accept returns on products that do not meet the minimum requirements.
Incompatibility between parts

JocelynLIPPE will not accept any return of products for a reason of incompatibility of products.Installation performed by the customer

The installation by the customer of components purchased from the service provided on this transactional site is done at the risk of the customer. JocelynLIPPE will not be liable for any damage to customer's existing equipment caused by, but not limited to, defects or incompatibility issues with components purchased from this transactional site
Product language

Some products are in a specific language. JocelynLIPPE will not accept returns of products for language reasons. The site will display the product language when this information is available.

Some computers and laptops come bilingual, and you must select the language of use on first start-up. This choice is irreversible. JocelynLIPPE will not accept any return of products following an incorrect choice of language at start-up.
Copyright protection

For copyright protection reasons, software, computer or console games, music CDs and DVDs must be in their original box and not unwrapped (in sealed plastic). Defective software, computer or console games, music CDs and DVDs will be exchanged for the same product and subject to availability.
Manufacturer's warranty

When you purchase a product from, you are entitled to the manufacturer's warranty for the item. The policies of most major manufacturers require that you contact them directly for specialist assistance for their products. These manufacturers will repair or replace items according to their own policies. Please contact the manufacturers for more details. If you need assistance in your communications with the manufacturers, please contact the technical department of JocelynLIPPE

Please note that JocelynLIPPE disclaims all responsibilities concerning the installation or updates or the use for partial or total limitation of functionality of the software.

Spare parts

Due to rapid advances in technology, we cannot guarantee the availability of spare parts after the device warranty has expired.
Physical damage

Physical damage to any product automatically voids the product warranty. Permanent changes to a product are considered physical damage.

Return of goods

To receive your Return Authorization Number (NAR), you must contact JocelynLIPPE at 514-884-3871, by email at vente [a] or complete the form on the Contact Us tab

Your names, addresses and telephone numbers are required for the processing of all returns or exchanges in order to detect and prevent fraud. A valid passport photo may be requested to confirm the information that has been provided.

Due to supplier or manufacturer restrictions, some unpacked items will not be refundable, and any return of merchandise must be approved by JocelynLIPPE Transportation to return the items must be prepaid.

IMPORTANT: We do not accept returns of items without an NAR or if the transport is not prepaid.
Return of goods costs

Items eligible for a return or refund are subject to a 25% handling charge, and, if approved by JocelynLIPPE, will be eligible for credit, exchange or refund. Due to price fluctuation of computer items, items will be refunded at the lowest price between the price paid and the current price of the product.
Return under the same conditions

All products (whether defective or not) must be returned under the same conditions as when you received them, with the original packaging, blank warranty cards, manuals and any other items or accessories provided by the manufacturer. .

IMPORTANT: If a product is not returned with all of its accessories, the return may be refused or the value of the missing material may be deducted from the total credit.Shipping and handling

Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. However, we will be happy to reimburse you for the original shipping costs if you return an item to us due to an error on our part or if we have determined the product to be defective.
Refund on credit card

For purchases made with a credit card, the same card that was used to make the purchase will be credited with the refund amount. It may take 5-7 business days for credit to be granted so that we have time to receive and verify the returned merchandise.

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